My Jardin des Nations

My new living space(s) in Geneva, to relax, gardening, designing the future city together and creating a ground-breaking project.

Mon jardin


A land offered to the Genevans during 3 years, the time for a unique transitional urbanism in Geneva.

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imaginons la ville de demain


Pausing and reflecting together on the principles of development of our city, our canton

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Things to enjoy

Experience a unique immersive cultural experience in total immersion with the greatest artists, learn to garden, consume and buy local products, relax with your family and share your desire about a better city… Look no further, you’re at the Jardin des Nations!

giftAnd many more activities await you at the Jardin des Nations

Events calendar

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Toute l'année

Jardinage et récolte au potager des Nations

Jardin des Nations

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The ecosystem of the Jardin des Nations

The Jardin des Nations is betting on collective intelligence. It provides a 4-hectare public space so that we can give ourselves a period of more than three years in which to reflect, discuss, disagree, consult and compare ideas in order to reach a positive consensus. Bearing in mind that development can either be sustainable and responsible or cannot take place at all, the Jardin des Nations and its Genevan partners will be your hosts as you enjoy time together, immerse yourselves in the greatest artworks, learn to plant vegetables, buy local produce, attend concerts, get to know the women and men of the international organisations better and engage in dialogue, while being consulted more actively in the design of our future city.


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